CEGT is now running matches with tournament time control games around the clock, including also 4 CPU engines. Games are 40/120+20/60+30´for the rest, adapted to AMD64x2 4200+. on AMD64x2 4200+. We also test with Intel Core Duo and four quad machines. Tested will be the top engines and most of their updates to gain enough games to rate them Used books are by Harry Schnapp and Salvo Spitaleri. Hash will be given as much as the 4 GB total RAM allow. Five men EGTB are used. The following CEGT testers so far contributed games to the list: Charles Smith, Michael Koppel, Werner Schüle, Wolfgang Battig, Ralf Gülden, Heinz van Kempen. More testers are welcome to participate. A new rating list is available. The last rating lists with tournament time control and quad CPU engines is also available.

Matches just finished (for Rybka 3, Naum 4 and Deep Fritz 11 quad matches please refer to download)

CEGT Marathon Quad Championship 40/400 repeated (real time control) Naum 4 x64 4CPU vs. Rybka 3 x64 4CPU and vs.Rybka 3 Human x64 4CPU

CEGT Quad 40/120 repeated real time control Rybka 3 x64 4CPU games (generic books/sets)

CEGT Quad 40/120 repeated real time control Rybka 3 x64 4CPU games (own books)

CEGT Quad 40/120 repeated Rybka 3 x64 4CPU personalities comparison

CEGT Marathon Quad Championship 40/400 repeated (real time control) Rybka 2.3.2a x64 4CPU vs. Zappa Mexico x64 4CPU and Naum 3 x64 4CPU

Top GM games Bilbao 2008, Morella/Linares 2008 analyzed with top engines on dual core (3 minutes per move, engines calculating one after the other)

Rybka 2.3.2a 64-bit 4CPU
Naum 3 x64 4CPU
Zappa Mexico x64 4CPU
Deep Shredder 11 x64 4CPU
Naum 2.2 x64 4CPU
Fruit 2.4 Beta A x64 4CPU
Deep Fritz 10.1 4CPU
Hiarcs 12 ShPV 4CPU
Hiarcs 11.2 4CPU
Loop M1-P 4CPU
Glaurung 2.0.1 4CPU
Deep Junior 10.1 4CPU
Bright 0.2c 4CPU

Rybka 2.3.2a 64-bit 2CPU
Rybka 2.3 64-bit 2CPU
Rybka 2.1c 64-bit 2CPU
Naum 3 x64 2CPU
Naum 2.2 x64 2CPU
Naum 2.1 x64 2CPU
Zappa Mexico II x64 2CPU
Zap!Chess Zanzibar 64 2CPU
Zap!Chess Paderborn 64 2CPU
Deep Shredder 11 x64 2CPU
Deep Shredder 10 x64 2CPU
Deep Fritz 10 2CPU
Hiarcs 11.2 2CPU
Hiarcs 11 2CPU
Loop 13.5 2CPU
List 11.64 2CPU
Deep Junior 10 2CPU
Spike 1.2 Turin 2CPU
Deep Sjeng 2.7 2CPU
Glaurung 2.1 x64 2CPU
Glaurung 1.2 x64 2CPU
Bright 0.3d 2CPU

Rybka 1.2f 64-bit
Fritz 11
Fritz 10
Chess Tiger 2007
Toga II 1.3.1
Toga II 1.2.1
Fruit 2.3.3f
Fruit 2.3 agg
Fruit 2.2
Ktulu 8
Spike 1.2 Turin
Hiarcs X50
Hiarcs 10
Fritz 9